A dream’s landscape

There are landscapes that are friends of solitude … like books are. There are landscapes that one revisits as one re-reads books that leave deep impressions in our minds. The discovery of a particular landscape can change our lives just like reading a particular book can. Charo Garcia was captured and captivated by these hills that have wound through her ideas and feelings. Villages of dazzling whiteness, dried watercourses, sand dunes, volcanic deserts, a transparent atmosphere in which floats the aroma of plants, and a shower of stars that often soak into your skin. This experience caused her to create La Joya de Cabo Gata.

This new project is one of the many Charo has developed throughout her personal and professional life – always surrounding herself with inspired collaborators that have enriched each experience. Managers and cultural programmers, designers and architects or artists are now living in the Parque Natural and their sculptures and art works have added excitement and are found in every corner of this house without walls that has become the garden of La Joya.

Slowing down land

Charo encourages everyone to consider joining the Slow Option -the global movement that opts to praise the slowness. This is her way of understanding life as it offers another rhythm for living. The international concept “slow” can be applied to tourism, travelling and even the organization of life and leisure. As a result we have “Slow Places”, “Slow Travel”, “Slow Cooking” etc.,.

In La Joya de Cabo de Gata priority is placed upon protecting the personal rhythm of its guests. Charo manages her own life to facilitate the stay and to take care of every detail with quality and love.
Jorge Riechmann recalls that “an ecological culture cannot be but a culture of paused rhythms, slow times”.

The rules of the game

Charo’s house, and its accommodation is located on a hectare of land, allowing freedom of movement for all to enjoy leisure and relaxation – all without losing privacy

Charo welcomes you to experience a legitimate rural accommodation at her place, including the whole property perfectly prepared for you to enjoy every corner. Her attention to details results in an experience that allows you to appreciate every spot of the estate. Guests have absolute freedom to organize their stay in the interior of the chosen accommodation, as well as on the rest of the estate. The only limitation is the tacit rules that suggest respect in the use of common spaces. Charo provides a personalized service that is not common for this type of accommodation.

La Joya de Cabo de Gata collaborates with the following NGOs (Fundación Ramón Rubial) (Baan Unrak La Casa de la Alegría) (Asociación Amigos del Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Nijar)

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