Arabic Pavilion: Massage Therapy Room

In an area full of energy and vitality, a small covered pavilion can be found with arches facing west. Overlooking the olive grove and the mandala of Yin and Yang, a peaceful, harmonious Arab-inspired space has been turned into a welcoming massage room. Our specialized therapist offers: quiromassages, reflexology, shiatsu, sacrocraneal massage, lymphatic drainage and kinesiology. Further information on appointment time-tables and availability is obtainable upon request.

Nearby, and nestled in the shade of a Peruvian pepper tree, you will find a special place to unwind, relax, read, think and enjoy facing the sunset on the bench or on the Brazilian styled hammock located there.

Walk through the magical places of the farm

The Mandala draws you in and encourages you to explore first hand its fountain and to sit, to listen and to be inspired by the energy of this magic circle.

Behind it, and through the olive grove, one finds the Haymah of El Caid, an Arabic tent designed in Morocco that transports us to somewhere in a faraway desert with the expertise of the sultans and the contemporary comfort.

An Arabic and Mediterranean environment among the olive and palm trees.